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What works for others may not work for you; follow your intuition.

Quote Of The Day - Louise V. Fowler

Be Inspired. Get Motivated

When things have been a bit tough or you're feeling a little stagnant overall; you may need to give yourself a big push to get moving forward again. Give yourself that nudge you need now, to take some positive steps and get things flowing in the right direction again! 

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Lockdown Learning. 

Draw on That Inner Strength. 

You often only see the amazing achievements and hear praise for how well people's children are doing. With a full lockdown, it is no different and people have been keen to share their proud moments online. It's great to share how much you're managing to get your children to work through and to upload for their teacher. It's often a hard job; so really well done. 


However, I also want to say a much bigger well done to those that are managing to just about get through the day with their children unexpectedly at home full time and especially to those that have been completely honest about how tough things are!


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Back to School

You Are Not Alone 

We are In This Together

Our overall aim was to create a hub with local and national contacts, for both immediate and ongoing support; along with resources and inspiration for better mental and physical wellbeing. We are adding blog posts, helpful articles, fitness tools and very soon podcasts, videos like above and lots more.

Looking ahead there will be regular local meet ups. We are working towards breaking down the stigma and ensuring that Sudbury is the Town that understands Mental Health; please join us on this journey. 

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