Man Walking in Fields

September 10, 2020

Be inspired, get motivated

When things have been a bit tough or you're feeling a little stagnant overall; you may need to give yourself a big push to get moving forward again. Give yourself that nudge you need now, to take some positive steps and get things flowing in the right direction again! 


The most important thing is to be kind and loving towards yourself, with no self judgement; even if you have to be honest with yourself... but at the same time find ways to get motivated and shift yourself into positive action. Some people do need a good pep talk from someone else or even really straight honest talking to get them back fully into the present and appreciating life! 


Here are a few ideas you could try. Make sure you keep it manageable and achievable (especially if you are feeling particularly low or unmotivated)! If you are drawn to a couple of the suggestions, perhaps start with those:


1. Introduce a little more movement, go for a walk, do some regular simple stretches or even some dancing if the mood takes you.


2. Drink more clean water and gradually add a few more higher nutrient/less processed meals. 


3. Watch an inspiring, positive, motivating documentary or film. 


4. Play some uplifting or motivational music to change your mindset or get you moving. 


5. For anything you are feeling negative about, write an affirmation to counteract it in the present tense. Place it on your fridge or just read it daily. 


6. Try something creative eg writing, artwork, crafts, baking, to help clear your mind, express yourself or just to find some peace. 


7. Find an inspiring book, whatever you are drawn to and when you need some positive input simply open it at random and see what you find on that page! 


8. Make the effort to call a friend that you find positive and supportive to connect more or arrange a meet up to encourage each other. 


If you are finding it tough to take any positive steps forward yourself, try to reach out for help from family, friends and support organisations. You can contact us HERE or please see our HELP page for other organisation and remember You Are Not Alone