September 18, 2020

Body Image Blues

When you don't feel happy about the way you look for whatever reason, it can really affect you mentally. If your self esteem is low, you are more likely to focus on those negative thoughts that pop into your head which obviously can drag you down further. 


This is when you need to find ways of focusing more on self love and getting back onto a positive path. Often we believe we need to fit in with the images portrayed in mainstream media; essentially air-brushed images of those that conform to a stereotype version of what is the ideal. 


Most of us would like to look and feel our best of course and we can definitely take steps towards getting fitter and healthier; creating the body shape we would prefer to have. In fact exercising can actually lift your mood plus increase your self esteem and confidence overall. However, our happiness should not focus solely around this. This can become very unhealthy. 


Try to take steps towards feeling good from within. When you can start to change your mindset and program yourself to appreciate exactly who you are; you are likely to be inspired to take more positive and healthy steps anyway. 


Here are some ideas of how you may like to start the process of loving who you are right now:


1. Try a short self love and empowerment meditation (watch out for one coming soon on the hub!) 

2. Write out an affirmation such as 'I am amazing and loved just as I am. I accept and show the real me' 

3. Try some simple self pampering to love your body such as a relaxing soak in the bath or a foot soak

4. Spend a moment focusing on your heart centre, close your eyes and visualise a soft, loving pink glow around that area and see that glow spreading throughout your whole body; showing it more love

5. Do things that both bring you joy and ground you into your body more; making you feel happier to be alive and fully present in the moment, such as dancing to your favourite music, walking in nature or some simple yoga poses. 

Some body image issues can create quite serious psychological issues or eating disorders, so it is a good idea to seek professional help if you find you can't start to love yourself or take positive steps. If you are experiencing any serious negative thoughts please reach out to someone today.