Prism on Hand

September 10, 2020

Holding on to Hope

However difficult things get, it is vitally important not to lose the last spark of hope you have inside you. Even on your darkest days, if you can find just a little something positive to hold onto and keep some hope will stop you giving up. 


It can also help to develop a faith or belief in something. This usually comes naturally but you can also work towards this by searching for a meaning to life. 


Not everyone would be inclined towards conventional religion of course. However, reading the right books you are drawn to, watching documentaries, exploring through meditation, creative expression or simply quiet times of reflection and 'going within'; can really help you to begin an important journey of self discovery and purpose. 


Equally just having something positive to aim towards and work for, can really be of benefit too. Perhaps you would like to learn a new skill or change to a job that is much more fulfilling! Having this goal or something you are passionate about to investigate further, can actually start to shift you out of what may feel like a long stretch of nothingness or lethargy. 


Faith is a very personal thing but if you do find something you can resonate with or believe in; or even an overall sense that there is a higher reason to everything (and ultimately all will be well) it can completely change your life. If you cannot get to that point though, even finding an interest you can get really passionate about could actually give you that positive inner spark back to then keep your hope alive. 


Of course if you just cannot find that inner spark and do feel like you have lost all hope, it is definitely time to reach out to someone you trust or seek professional support. Please see our HELP page. You are not alone.