September 10, 2020

How Are You Feeling?

Thinking Man on Couch

There are so many things that can affect how you are feel overall... 


If you're not feeling quite like yourself, there could be many things that are causing it. Perhaps you're a bit low, feeling run down, stressed or very emotional for example. 


It could very likely be a combination of factors affecting your overall wellbeing or many things piling up to cause you to feel overwhelmed. 


It is likely that we will all need some help to move forward in life at some point; just a little or maybe even quite a lot. There is help available though but it's not always clearly visible, which is one of the ideas behind Sudbury Fitness; to bring vital local resources together in one place. 


It is also important to take control of your own wellbeing and feel empowered to take positive steps towards feeling well again or staying fit and healthy generally. However, there is no judgement here if you are not even up to doing that right now! 


If you can though, why not start by asking yourself some questions to see if there is something you can already acknowledge and start to take action on or reach out for help with. 


Some of these will require further investigation, taking brave positive steps for change or even a visit to your GP. The most important thing though is to keep yourself in check and ensure you don't dip further into depression or other mental or physical health issues:


1. Are you getting enough sleep?

2. Have you changed your eating habits recently?

3. Could you be lacking in some vital nutrients (some could affect mood, sleep, motivation etc)?

4. Have you been getting enough fresh air or time in nature? 

5. Have you been active enough (if you're physically able to)? 

6. Have you made sure you've had a chat or a meet up with a friend recently? 

7. Are you feeling overworked or undervalued? Do you need a chat with your boss or to change jobs? 

8. Do you need more open communication or quality time in your closest relationships? 

9. Do you need practical help at home or someone to talk to? 

10. Have you just had a baby? Are you pregnant or could your hormones be unbalanced for other reasons? 

11. Are you lonely? Do you need to join a local club or look for befriender schemes? 

12. Have you been 'holding in' your thoughts or emotions? Could you do something creative or write about how you feel? 

13. Have you experienced some major life changes or events and need help dealing with them? 

14. Have you done enough things that actually bring you joy or make you happy lately? 

15. Do you make enough time for self care?

16. Do you need to arrange respite care for a loved one so you can have a break to recharge? 

17. Do you need to find more meaning in life or something to believe in overall? 

18. Do you need to seek help for money worries or debt? Are you concerned about an addiction? 

19. Are you stuck in a rut or just not inspired enough? Could you learn something new? 

20. Have you challenged yourself enough lately or are you just existing? 

21. Are you worried about your own health or that of a loved one? Do you need to make an appointment? 

22. Could you add more techniques or activities to unwind or relax the mind like meditation, breathing techniques, mindfulness or yoga? 


Some of the above might be difficult to answer as you might have to admit the truth to yourself or a loved one, or they may create an emotional reaction you were not quite expecting. It can be an important first step though just to realise that you need to make changes and ultimately you are often the only one who can take that first step. 


There are links in the resources to help support you through these changes or check out the articles, podcasts, videos and other help on offer. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't be alone, get in touch and we'll point you in the right direction. 


If you need more immediate help though please contact one of the organisations featured on the HELP Page such as The Samaritans.