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September 10, 2020

How to 'tame' your mind

The buzz word of recent times has been mindfulness. This essentially means being more present in the moment and focusing and resetting the mind; rather than allowing our thoughts to take over.


Often the ego, the little voice in our head, can sound negative, fill us with self doubt and stop us from moving forward. This is where we need to take steps to overrule it and train our mind to focus on the positives, our strengths and what we need to achieve in the immediate future for example.


It can be very difficult to begin to do this though if you are already depressed, anxious, stressed or experiencing a serious mental health condition. In this case you may find something like one to one counselling or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy helpful to get you back to a place where you can then start to take some control yourself.


Here are some ideas that you could try:


1. For every negative thought you have about yourself or your life, write a positive affirmation in the present tense. For example if you are experiencing body image issues or low self esteem you could write 'I am healthy, happy and loved; all is well'. There is no limit to the number you can write and you should try to read at least some of them everyday!

2. Download a meditation app or one of the free meditations we offer on this site and meditate as often as possible (start with a couple of times a week and build it up).

3. Download or get hold of some mandalas or other positive image to do some focused colouring to relax the mind

4. Keep a simple gratitude journal, recording positive things you are grateful for in your life

5.Do something creative to express your thoughts and feelings so that you don't internalise them

6.Do some regular exercise or even dance about to music to get you 'out of your head' and being more aware of your body and simply being more active and alive

7. Spend some time in nature or by the sea which can be great for feeling more grounded or allowing you to take a step back from everything and away from your negative thoughts.

8. Read or watch something positive or inspirational; it's much easier to push away those fears, doubts or worries when you're feeling inspired and full of hope!


If your thoughts are particularly dark, heavy or worrying please don't leave it, make a call to a friend you trust or seek professional help from one of the organisations shown on this site.