December 18, 2020

It Will Be Lonely This Christmas

A few more days to go; then the big day is finally here! Family, friends, children laughing, presents, music, great food, the list goes on. Are you already feeling low or a bit stressed? You might be asking yourself the following: 


Have I spent enough on gifts? Have I chosen the right thing? 


What will I have or how will I have my Christmas Dinner? 


It won't be like last year...


I really miss that person...


Just not feeling it...


We know this time of year can be very difficult for so many and this year's Christmas is going to be a lot tougher for some too. 


Here are our top tips to help you enjoy Christmas:


If you can, start the day by doing some self pampering and putting on an outfit you feel good in.

Play some upbeat music or watch a favourite film. 

Don't stress about the gifts you have given or the ones you may receive; it's more about the gesture!

Consider having a break from social media if it's getting you down. 

Go for a walk in nature or do another self care activity. 

Don't put pressure on yourself. If you prefer to eat your favourite treats, rather than cook a full Christmas dinner, just enjoy it. 

The festive season can bring up all kinds of memories, thoughts or emotions so most importantly be kind to yourself. If you need support during this period, there will always be someone at the end of the phone through the various charities and particularly The Samaritans who are 24 hours. 

Whatever you do and whoever you will be with; Sudbury Community Wellbeing Hub would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a better year ahead.