Don't Let People Talk You Out Of Greatness

In life people will try and talk you out of greatness. Often they will not support you or care. Don't let that stop you! You must keep focused on whatever you're trying to achieve. Yeah, it won't be easy... we all want a few fucking claps along the way. When they don't come, you might well think you have failed, or wonder what's the point if no one gives a shit about what I'm doing. But that shouldn't be why you quit... it should be why you continue to grow.

Yes, listen to feedback, but then again, if you have a great mind just go with what you're truly feeling. For example, with this post... I know some of you little fuckers won't like it. "Oh he said the F word and that makes me feel all uneasy" :( But I'm not writing for them, am I? I'm writing to you!

I know that one day YOU will be standing on top of that fucking mountain! I don't care how low you feel sunshine, you will make it. Keep going, keep building, keep focused and don't you Fucking Give Up! 

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