Follow your inner compass...

It certainly helps to have inspiration, motivation and guidance around you; to help in achieving what you want to in life, but in the end you are the only one that knows how you actually feel, what your passions are and what drives you forward.

If you are trying to choose between different options and pathways in life; if you really notice how you feel when thinking about a certain option, you will likely know how to proceed. It is also the case that some things are all about timing.

A good technique to use is to find a quiet moment to reflect and ask yourself what you really want by 'listening' to your body. Often when you think of something you will either feel 'pulled back', like a slight resistance overall or tightness in your jaw for example. That may mean it's not the ideal path for you or just not quite right at the moment. It can also be that there is something within you that needs to change to make this path feel right eg self esteem, believing in yourself etc. If however, you already feel a buzz, an excitement, an inner glow, or just a strong sense that it is right; then you have your answer!

We can all make the wrong decisions sometimes or take a path that later appears not to be quite right for us; but ultimately you will still have learnt something and grown as a person in some way. My life has taken many twists and turns but I don't really have regrets as it has definitely made me into an even stronger and unique person that has greater empathy for others. Even some of my darkest times have brought about amazing blessings.

Whenever I've been unsure of the correct path to take for me, I've waited until a certain route literally feels right. I've learnt to trust my own inner compass. Sometimes there is also a sense of knowing that there are other things that need to fall into place, before a particular route becomes free of resistance and obstacles.

Above all else though, try to work towards doing what will make you really feel happy. Life is just too short to have a mediocre existence and not to follow your heart, passions and inner spark. The term 'go with the flow' can be very good advice. It basically means follow the path that seems to flow positively, without blocks, feeling held back or literally stopped in your tracks. So tune in and listen to what your body and inner 'knowing' is showing you.

If you are particularly stressed or feeling low or 'flat', it can be much harder to notice your own inner guidance. This is when you need to work towards having some time and space for you or using stress busting techniques (look for an article on suggested techniques coming soon).

If mentally you are finding that you cannot even make simple decisions, are feeling overwhelmed or so low, you cannot even lift yourself enough to know what you do actually want in life, please reach out to someone you trust for help, see your GP or call one of the helplines on offer.

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