Is this right?

It was very refreshing to actually see more 'air time' being given to some different perspectives on the bigger impact of the current 'lockdown'; (particularly on mental health) whilst watching 'The Big Questions' today. There are still large sectors of the community slipping through the net and not getting the support they need in many areas of their life! As pointed out by some of the speakers on the programme, younger people are finding the lack of social interaction really difficult and often harder to understand!

There are too many people without even a support bubble, many are dangerously lonely or in a mental health crisis. Increasing numbers of people are suffering from anxiety, self harming, attempting suicide or generally not coping. Add to this, those not seeking the help they need for other medical concerns due to the pandemic, such as a potential later diagnosis of cancer. The increased poverty will also impact on the health of many, both physically and mentally.

This has been pushed to further extremes by the schools not being open for most, for potentially a prolonged stretch of time . Our young people are being hugely impacted by this. We also still do not have sufficient technical equipment in place for many who are attempting to 'home school'. A large number of those with behavioural issues and learning difficulties will be finding it particularly challenging to access the online education being provided and to learn in a structured way whilst in a home setting. This is taking it to extremes, but some are concerned that things are becoming so unbalanced that we effectively have 'the young paying the price for the old'.

There is no doubt that the current situation will have a lasting affect on many of us and especially the young. After just over a week of the schools being essentially closed, many parents are already at 'breaking point' and some children are certainly emotionally impacted. Obviously we have to really dig deep and keep going for now. However, without the right overall support or technical equipment in place for home schooling; this really is a pretty intolerable solution to managing the pandemic for many. The restrictions are having a very negative impact on all aspects of wellbeing as well as completely destroying the economy, (especially the closure of so many businesses).

There will certainly be difficult times in the weeks ahead. We will have no choice but to draw on our inner strength and continue to build our resilience. Some will find it easier to just keep pushing through this than others. If you are strong enough yourself, please take the time check on others. It is also important to speak out about and share how the situation is affecting you and those around you, to ensure that the right support is then put in place for us all and the restrictions are hopefully adjusted to allow more flexibility for overall wellbeing. Many of the fines being given out at present are completely disproportionate to the action of the individual and allow no real freedom of human rights. A quick rest away from others during a walk or sitting alone outdoors to clear your head for example is not even being permitted in most cases!


If you are finding things particularly tough during the current restrictions, please reach out to an appropriate organisation for support. You may like to check out the help pages on this hub.

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