Lifestyle changes for a better sleep...

It's important to realise that we all have phases in our lives when we experience unsettled sleeping patterns. If you are a parent you will definitely understand sleep disturbance. But obviously actual insomnia can be caused by so many things.

You may experience physical symptoms that keep you awake, like 'restless legs' or the feeling of needing to release some energy. There are particular nutrient deficiencies that can keep you awake at night too. A lack of magnesium being one of them; that can particularly make you restless and is quite common. You may benefit from doing some simple stretches before bed to ease aching muscles or relax more. This could mean just breathing and stretching or actually doing some yoga poses!

If you have a lot on your mind it's obvious that you're going to struggle to switch off at night. If you are going through a particularly major life event, it may be important to accept that sleep deprivation is inevitable but temporary and just grab short dozes whenever you can, without self judgement.  

Bringing some regular meditation into your life will definitely help to unload your mind and control the busy chatter. If you find it hard to switch off you could try a short meditation just before you sleep. 

There are also many natural remedies you can sample to see if they work for you. Obviously if you try anything herbal make sure you get advice from a professional, especially if you have any health conditions or are on medication. However, some natural approaches with no contraindications include homeopathic sleep remedies, Bach flower remedies such as 'rescue remedy' and chamomile tea! Please make sure though that you are extra cautious if you're pregnant or breastfeeding; especially with things like herbs and essential oils as some are contraindicated. 

Other tried and tested methods to get things back into balance for a better sleep include things like massage to let go of tension and stress, reflexology or acupuncture. I have found all of these very helpful. 

Those undertaking some form of regular exercise also tend to sleep better overall, particularly as it can help some mental health conditions like depression, lift your mood overall and help you feel more at peace. 


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