Positive Focus, Achievable Steps, Clear Intentions...

When you are looking to pull yourself out of a downwards cycle and on the road to recovery, it can really help to set yourself a small list of simple, achievable steps to take. If you can get into a routine of managing what you've pledged to do every day (but don't beat yourself up if you do miss a day); you can really start to make a difference in just a short space of time.

The list should really be personal to you, as only you really know what your goals are or where you can make improvements. However, from personal experience and that of friends, sometimes you need someone to start things off for you so I will share some simple suggestions:

1. Increase your intake of clean water (water that's high in Magnesium is even better)

2. Carry out a simple 'grounding' technique eg. imagine roots going deep into the earth and if it appeals to you, visualise a bubble of light or a colour you are drawn to encasing your body

3. Find a meditation app or a short YouTube meditation that you like and commit to doing it at least twice a week

4. On waking each day read 2 affirmations in your head or aloud followed by a music track you love to help get you going

5. Think of something you are grateful for at the end of each day that will give you a happy feeling inside.

If you can just incorporate these changes to begin with and get to grips with them, you can then start to add more like better nutrition, exercise, improved sleep routines, creative expression, self care activities and whatever else works for you... but start with what is manageable and keep it achievable.

Some of you may not have used affirmations previously so I will also add some of those here and perhaps you could just pick a couple that you like, but the key is to read at least a couple every day. It is even more powerful if you can write your own. You will definitely notice the positive changes beginning to manifest...

I am healthy, happy and full of energy to achieve all that I wish to.

I am beautiful and loveable exactly as I am.

I am fully open to receiving the blessings flowing towards me.

My life is abundant in all areas, I have all that I need and more.

I have all the time I need to achieve all that's important plus what brings me joy.

I am open to love, I fully let go of the past and whatever doesn't serve me.

I have all of the resources, opportunities, skills and knowledge to achieve my life purpose.

I am fulfilled in all areas of my life; I have a balanced, successful, loving relationship, a peaceful home and rewarding work.

I am able to express myself fully and openly; allowing my authentic self to shine through.

I am able to remain in a calm, relaxed state, fully grounded and present in the here and now.

I naturally attract whatever and whoever is right for my life and circumstances, in line with my highest good.

It is important for these affirmations to be in the present and then essentially act as if you already have whatever you are trying to manifest.

Write out your own positive daily steps and affirmations now or keep these ones handy to refer back to. You can start to turn your life around... I believe in you.

If you are really not in the right place to start taking these positive steps at all yet though, please do reach out for help from someone you trust or one of the organisations listed in this hub. That will be your positive step to take in the first instance before attempting any others!

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