Step into your 'power', take charge of your life..

It's time to really take charge of your life. No one else can do that for you. Or if someone else is effectively 'taking charge of your life'; because you are allowing them to, perhaps it is time you took some action to rectify that too!

We can all end up just drifting along, not really achieving what we want to or letting others sweep us along with their dreams, goals and ambitions; rather than forming our own and actually taking positive action.

Perhaps it's now time to be honest with yourself. Admit what you truly want in your life and from life. Is there enough in your life currently to keep you motivated, fulfilled and happy? Is there something holding you back that you can start working towards? Personally I have made a lot of changes lately and started working towards a few goals. However, I know realistically I still have a lot to put into place and get sorted out. But it feels great to even be making progress.

Will you be able to change everything overnight... probably not! Will there still be things in you're life that you're not really happy with... most likely. But you won't actually get anywhere at all unless you make a start. Take that leap of faith now. Look that information up, make that call, set a clear intention...

Perhaps you can commit to changing just one significant thing in your life that's bothering you, before the end of this year. It doesn't have to be a massive change initially even. But usually when you finally get one important step taken, one positive action achieved... it rapidly leads to many others!

It's like you've sent out a signal that you are open to positive shifts and changes. It can even feel like everything is miraculously falling into place. Also do try to be patient with yourself and realistic; especially if they are big changes and steps that need taking. It could take some time for a complete life overhaul to come together if that's what is needed.

If you literally feel like you have no motivation or passion for life, this can sometimes be an indication of depression or other health issues. If you find you can't move forward at all, please consider seeking professional help. If you have also had the realisation that you are under the 'control' of someone in your life, start by confiding in a friend you trust, then consider contacting one of the help organisations on this site (or get in touch for further signposting).

If you don't have any of these concerns... what's stopping you from taking action? Often we are the only ones stopping ourselves. Here at Sudbury Community Wellbeing Hub we believe in you! You can achieve all that you want to if you really put your mind to it, make plans and take steps forward. First you just need to start taking back control of your life and step into your 'power'! Trust yourself, you've got this.

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