Stop and appreciate the little things...

It's so easy for the weeks just to disappear with all that we try to pack into them. We can go for days or longer without stopping to look what's actually around us, appreciating the little things and being in the 'here and now'. We are always worrying about the past, what's coming up or something else that's on our mind to be sorted out!

Most of us have at least a mental to do list that far exceeds the time we actually have. This makes it so easy to unfortunately put our own needs and being grateful for what we actually have, as a very low priority.

When you force yourself to stop, get into nature to recharge (even if it means wrapping up warm) and appreciate what's around you, it allows you to reflect on everything much more easily.

When you get a clearer perspective some things you've been worrying about, then don't even seem to matter. By stopping to appreciate what you do have, it also creates a positive flow; bringing more of what you are hoping for. Gratitude is very powerful, along with setting clear intentions. It really is the key to manifesting everything you would like to have in your life.

So why not decide right now to take regular time out in nature or at least more precious time with your loved ones. Most importantly, also acknowledging all of the good things you already have. We are always blessed, even if we can only feel grateful for having a roof over our heads, cuddles from our children or petsand a good friend to lift our spirits.

If you are finding things really tough and can't even get into the mindset of appreciating the little things; it might be a good time to take some steps to positively change your life or reach out for some support. There are many organisations listed on this site but if you need help with signposting in the right direction please get in touch.

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