September 28, 2020

Power of Sound

Ah yeah... so good :) Just makes me want to fly away, sit on an Island with a girl, and chill for a while.


It's amazing how nowadays we can have access to so much awesome music at the tip of our fingertips. I love it! There's nothing like finding a new song or buying a great album from your favourite artist, then just playing it over and over again.


In life you will find that the more successful you get, the more haters you will unfortunately gain! This is when a great pair of headphones comes in handy. Just put them in, play that tune and crack on with your day.


I personally find that when you feel low or stressed, listening to an upbeat song can really help change your state of mind and even prevent feelings of suicide.


Another great thing about music is that it connects people from all different walks of life and helps with cultural differences. I could go into great details about the Power of Sound and all the benefits of sounds, but will just leave it here for now. Look out for part two though, where I will be talking more in depth about sound and the positive effects it has on the mind. In the meantime enjoy your tunes and maybe get up and have a cheeky dance with yourself or with someone else!