Colorful Nails

September 14, 2020

The most important opinion is your own

The majority of us waste far too much time worrying about how we may look to others and what they may think of us. How we may be viewed or judged. Sadly some people will always make assumptions about you, ultimately being prejudiced or judgemental. However, most of the time we are simply being paranoid due to our own low self esteem or mental health. 


If you begin to focus on being strong from within and showing the world the real you; you naturally have a glow about you. It's a fine balance between staying open, kind and loving and creating a strong 'shell' that means you allow any judgement from others not to penetrate your full awareness and emotions.


When you go through challenging situations in your life it can actually help you to become more resilient, strong from within and able to deflect any negativity heading your way. It just seems to bother you much less overall too; like there are more important things to be concerned with in life than 'small minded' people.


When you start to become stronger physically, this can also result in you feeling much stronger in your mind. It is all part of an overall synergy and connectedness. If you get back on track with healthy eating, become more active and gain in vitality; you should find that your positivity and confidence begins to soar.


Start to take some positive steps towards loving yourself more, being at peace and acknowledging how great you really are. Work towards being the best version of yourself so that the right people are simply drawn to you.


Eventually you will get to the point in your life when you value yourself more than the opinions of others. You may even be able to get to a place where you can laugh to yourself that people see you completely differently to how you actually are. Perhaps they have underestimated you and your potential! 


You may even end up inspiring others through your example; by showing the real you and not feeling you need to conform to any expectations. The more authentic you actually are, the better your life begins to flow. Let the real you and your actions speak volumes and move mountains. Don't let anyone change you, you are already awesome!